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01 December 2008 @ 12:58 am
All gift assignments have been sent out. If you did not receive an e-mail please let me know and I'll look into it.

xsail_oceans, I was not able to send yours because it wouldn't go through. Do you have any alternate e-mails or can I PM it to you through LJ?

ALSO, posting has been disabled until December 23rd. If you do want to post teasers gives, e-mail them to dcsanta@live.com and we'll post them for you.

Have fun everyone. ^^
Sadiefixthepuzzle on December 2nd, 2008 12:56 am (UTC)
Trisha I didn't get mine :( .... or I deleted the email lmfao. HELP.
feltsoclose on December 2nd, 2008 04:52 am (UTC)
LOL try checking your junk mail...one of mine from another santa comm went in there but if not, I can send it again or PM it to you...whichever works better?